International CKAN

Ranked #2 in International based on the overall quality metric. Measured in October, 2015

Total datasets

19 075


Total distributions

28 682

Total size


Last Revisit October 10, 2015

Quality Indicators

Open licences

Machine readable


Metadata completeness

Quantity Indicators

Dataset number

Distribution number

Distribution size MB

Unique publishers

Licences found

The list of licences found in this catalogue. The bar chart is calculating the percentage of various licences found while dividing it with total distributions with a licence attached.
Licence Open # Distribution %
OGL Open5797749%
CC-BY Not known2099918%
CC0 Open83547%
IODL-v20 Not known51544%
other-Public-Domain Not known42074%
license-not-specified Not known27312%
other-open Not known9761%
CC-BY-SA Not known7811%
Against-DRM Not known4960%
other-Attribution Not known4030%
Met-Office-UK-Climate-Projections-Licence-Agreement Not known3490%
CC-BY-NC Not known2350%
DL-DE-BY Not open1980%
ODC-ODbL Open1650%
FR-LO Not known1470%
IODL-v10 Not known1310%
INSPIRE-WMS-EUL Not known1170%
other-not-open Not known980%
DL-DE-BY-NC Not open520%
ODC-PDDL Open500%
CC-BY-ND Not known360%
CC-BY-NC-SA Not known360%
ODC-BY Open210%
cada Not known140%
OS-OpenData-License Not known100%
other-non-commercial Not known70%
Non-Commercial-Government-Licence-v10 Not known70%
UK-Crown-Copyright Not known40%
OS-OGL Not known30%
APIE Not open30%

Overall quality score

The score is created by OpenDataMonitor with the purpose of ranking and sorting countries and catalogues. And it's defined as the average of the most relevant metrics such as open licenses, machine readable, availability and metadata completeness.

Catalogue Report


Quantity Indicators

Quantity metrics are defined as a measurable score from the OpenDataMonitor platform. This score is composed by various metadata including dataset number, distribution number, distribution size, and unique publishers.

Dataset number
Distribution number
Distribution size (MB)
Unique publishers

Quality Indicators

Quality metrics are defined as a measurable score from the OpenDataMonitor platform. This score is composed by various metadata including open licences, machine readable, availability, metadata completeness and open formats.

Open licences
Machine Readable
Metadata completeness
*OpenDataMonitor is a research and innovation project funded by the European Commission, under grant agreement no 611988. During year 2015, there have been many improvements to the business logic of many metrics. Therefore the accuracy of the shown data for 2015 may vary.