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Data catalogues

81 data_leeds_ac_uk(not set)(not set)United Kingdom
82 data_leicester_gov_uk(not set)(not set)United Kingdom
83 data_leicester_gov_uk(not set)(not set)United Kingdom
84 data_n-somerset_gov_uk(not set)(not set)United Kingdom
85 data_opendata_lvDatasets organised in tabed panel form and no metadata - only resources(not set)Latvia
86 data_opensheffield_org(not set)(not set)United Kingdom
87 data_open_ac_uk(not set)(not set)United Kingdom
88 data_stadt-salzburg_at(not set)(not set)Austria
89 data_surreycc_gov_ukProvided API not compatible to implemented harvesters(not set)United Kingdom
90 data_ulm_deNot covered from the implemented harvesters(not set)Germany